Sebastian grew up in a city surrounded by mountains on the northern part of Colombia.

His school teachers from around the world had a huge impact on his desire to leave the mountains behind to get to know the world and its people. After teaching English for several years, Sebastian decided to become a certified teacher and moved to London to get his qualification. Whilst living there, he got the chance to travel around Europe and instantly fell in love with its history and it's lifestyle. He also lived in Sweden but eventually settled down in Madrid driven by his love for the food, all the stories he'd heard from his grandfathers's spanish friends and the desire to find out all he could about this wonderful city. Since then, he's been exploring every little corner of Madrid, making friends with madrileños and reading every book he can get his hands on about Spain's history. He loves telling stories and meeting new people from different art of the world. Last but not least, he'll never say no to a "bocadillo the calamares" if you want to buy him one!

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