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You will likely have heard about the attack in Westminster on Wednesday, which claimed the lives of a number of innocent people.

While additional police will be on the streets of London, the message from authorities is that the city remains one of the safest in the world, and locals and visitors should not be alarmed. As such, we will be resuming our tours as scheduled on March 23rd.

Our thoughts remain with the families of the victims of this tragic event.

The SANDEMANs NEW London team




Becky is a born and bred Londoner, who finds it difficult from being taken away from her beloved home city, but enjoys travelling mainly to other capital cities due to the comfort found in the crowds and history surrounding her. Fitting in with this theme she is currently studying History at a university in South London whilst living in North London and genuinely enjoys the commute finding pleasure in people watching and the fact that anything can happen on a journey through London.

Becky takes pride in her home City, finding herself being swept into the patriotic crowd seen at recent events like the Olympics and the royal wedding, but values the city mainly due to its rich history. History has always been a passion of Becky's and she enjoys being the one in a group who can share an interesting fact knowing she learnt it from another hobby of hers, reading, it's easy to say she's handy when it comes to pub quizzes.

Summer time in London is Becky's favourite time, with the culture of parks and pubs seeing friends gather, there is always somewhere in London to go that is a new experience for her. Becky believes that this is the main beauty of London that with the crowds of people being of such high numbers, no one day is the same in London.

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