Ilena was born in Toronto, Canada but doesn't remember much of it as her parents moved back to their home island of Cyprus when she was only 2. Her childhood was spent running free in her own little world between the vineyards, fields, forest, beaches and ruins of this country, in search of everything from ancient artifacts to snails for her grandma to cook!

Naturally, an intense curiosity and passion for history, travelling and exploring developed at a young age. Eager to experience the world, she grabbed the first plane out of Cyprus when she finished high school and lived 4 years in London, England where she obtained her Masters in Filmmaking. 

The English weather was a bit to gloomy for her so she moved to Toronto, but that was just way too cold. As she was backpacking across Europe, she stumbled across Lisbon and immediately fell truly, madly, deeply in love. She is extremely eager for you to come on her tour, to show you Lisboa and why she is so proud to call it home.

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