Luis happened to be born in Lisbon, but spent so much of his early life living with a ruck-sack on his back, travelling from Portugal to Brasil, from Southern Africa to Northern Europe, that he secretly shudders at the question "where are you from?", before proudly saying "I'm a Lisboner!". It is, after all, the city from which many of his ancestors travelled to all corners of the world in the Age of Discoveries, not to mention one of the most friendly, beautiful and culturally diverse cities in the world!

A persistent dreamer, he studied Sociology in University - hoping to understand and be able to explain this crazy beautiful world of ours - before becoming a tour guide. He has guided in Prague, Porto and Lisbon, also spending a year as a cruise manager in the river Douro. He also has a growing interest in Ecology, and whenever he isn't telling stories about his beloved Lisbon or off in a crazy personal journey (hitch-hiking across Poland, taking a dip in the Artic under the Northern Lights, hugging elephants) he is off planting trees and gardens, or camping somewhere quiet with books to read and flowers to smell.

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