Raquel was born in Lisbon when ZXspectrum computers were still around. ZXspectrums, other computers and gadgets in general were Raquel's favorite things for many many years. That and travelling! Raquel was divided between these two loves, went to her mother asking for advice on what career or studies to pursue: “Games or Tourism, mom?” Her mother told her she should totally be a dentist... Still undecided, she graduated in International Relations, then did post-graduate studies in Tourism Management, then travelled the world and then started working as a Game Designer & lecturer.

She recently found a way of making those two loves meet and these days she tells stories for a living, sometimes those stories are told as an immersive game or experience or a workshop, but most of the times those stories take the shape of interesting and inspiring guided tours around another love of hers: Lisbon! While Raquel is thrilled with the way things turned out for her, mom still secretly hopes she one day finds a real job... like, say, a dentist!

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