The only thing Ronnie’s sure of in life is that you create your own reality. British by birth, she was raised on the French Riviera, and pursued a Master’s degree in Spain. Always having been on the move, the itch to travel and explore and discover and understand gets more intense each year! She was living a passionate love story with the city of Madrid before taking a ride across to Lisbon, and only two hours after arriving in the city of Seven Hills she knew she just had to make living here happen one day.

An experienced mountaineer and skier, she’s now reinvesting her guiding knowledge in city tours, which have proved to be considerably less dangerous and just as exciting. When she can wrestle herself away from the ocean and the mountains, Ronnie will be found drinking a bica and working on her short story collection, soaking up the city’s atmosphere in one of Lisbon’s old literary cafes, preparing to share some of the magic with you!

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