A storied and complex city

A focal point for three of the world’s major religions, Jerusalem has a storied and complex history; no other city means so much to so many.  Here, 4,000 years of history give way to rooftop views, winding alleyways and bustling markets.
Our famous FREE Tour gives you a two-hour overview of Jerusalem and will help you to plan what to do with your time here.  If you want to delve deeper into some of the more specific aspects of the city, join our Holy City Tour to discover Jerusalem in its role as the spiritual center for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike, or explore aspects of Orthodox Judaism with our Shabbat Experience Tour.  Our Mount of Olives Tour gives simply breathtaking views of Jerusalem’s Old City, where Jews and Muslims believe the Gates of Heaven will open on Judgment Day.  Our tours run year-round on all major holidays, aside from Yom Kipur (date changes annually, please check calendar). Click a tour link to get details on what is covered in each tour, and to find out where and when to join us.

Rain or shine, all of our tours run as scheduled

By booking your place online you can skip the queue at the meeting point and enjoy discounts for multiple tours and for groups. Alternatively, you can just show up at the meeting point if you prefer not to book ahead of time. Just come 10-15 minutes early if you’ve not purchased online.