Yehuda was born in the former USSR and grew up in Chicago, where he acquired a BA in Anthropology, the study of people and cultures. It was this interest in culture which brought him to Israel and made him feel immediately at home. His American/Russian background provided him insider access to many of Israel's different facets and communities. After relocating to Jerusalem from Chicago, Yehuda would later travel extensively in Israel and other countries in Middle East and got to know the sites and peoples of the region. During his travels he met people of different religions, ethnicities, and opinions and explored and learned about the places that were holy to them. Yehuda's love of traveling eventually brought him to pursue a tour guiding license in Israel's School of Tourism.

As a professional tour guide Yehuda now acquaints visitors with all of the magnificence of Jerusalem and Israel. He is always working to deepen his knowledge in order to provide travelers with an authentic experience that they will never forget. Yehuda lives in the Benjamin region of Israel with his wife and two children.

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