During the following weeks, our tours (except the Pub Crawl) will temporarily be starting a little further up the Royal Mile; right in front of the Frankie and Benny’s restaurant (130 High Street, Royal Mile - Edinburgh, EH1 1QS). Please keep an eye out for the guides with the red SANDEMANs’ umbrella. Thank you for your understanding.




A military child by birth, a Nottingham person by family, an Edinburgh person by choice. She may sound as English as they come, but ten years in Scotland has made her a Scot at heart. And like all Scots, she sees everyone as a friend she has not yet met. Jen is eccentric in all the positive ways; whatever your interest, Jen will probably share it. A part-time PhD student with an obsession for history, films and travel, Jen has a comedic background that brings the past to life (sometimes literally as she is also a mediaeval re- enactor) and promises a lively and enthralling visit.

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