During the following weeks, our tours (except the Pub Crawl) will temporarily be starting a little further up the Royal Mile; right in front of the Frankie and Benny’s restaurant (130 High Street, Royal Mile - Edinburgh, EH1 1QS). Please keep an eye out for the guides with the red SANDEMANs’ umbrella. Thank you for your understanding.




After being born in Newcastle, Sarah's parents feared she may adopt the Geordie accent so swiftly moved to Scotland. Here Sarah began to fall in love with her new home as she learned about the Scottish ways, about their kings and queens, and what the word "Ken" actually means. She then spent three years dressed up as Mary Queen Scots wandering round the local palace followed by groups of tourists. Sarah realised she had found her calling, tour guiding. Now she spends her time dressed in 21st century clothing wandering the streets of Edinburgh hoping to share her knowledge of, in her opinion, the best city ever to whoever is willing to listen.

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