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This week's North Side Tours:

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3:00 PM
Barnardo Square, City Hall
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Starting Point

The North Side Tour starts at Barnardo Square next to City Hall in Dublin. Just look for the team in red SANDEMANs NEW Europe T-shirts!
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This 2½ hour tour includes:

  • The 1916 Uprising 
  • City Hall 
  • Ha’penny Bridge 
  • General Post Office 
  • Charles Stewart Parnell and the march towards liberation 
  • Jim Larkin and the Home Rule Movement 
  • James Joyce and the Abbey Theatre 
  • Liberty Hall 
  • Custom House 
  • The Great Irish Famine Memorial 
  • The Jeanie Johnson Tall Ship   

...and much more

Join us on a journey of Dublin’s often unexplored North Side. Though these streets are vibrant with life today, they are home to some of Ireland's most solemn history.  

On the other side of the world famous Ha'Penny Bridge, you'll wander the infamous Moore Street Terraces, one of the key sites of the violent rebellion, as well as visiting incredible feats of stunning architecture, such as Dublin's renowned Custom House. From neoclassical buildings to famine and misfortune, this side of the city has seen it all.

We'll take you to the Great Irish Famine Memorial, remembering the one million people who died during the famine, as well as the Jeanie Johnson Tall Ship, commemorating those who escaped death by fleeing the Emerald Isle, beginning the exodus which sees 80 million people across the globe today claim Irish heritage. This tragic time, as well as generations of oppression, eventually culminated in the march towards liberation, which we remember and discuss 100 years on.

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