Patrick is a proud Cork man, but much to the delight of foreigners his accent is neutral and understandable (in the absence of alcohol). However all his family and ancestors are from Dublin so the local history runs through the Irish blood, despite the fact that his skin is so pale it is not clear whether if it is Vikings or Vampires featuring in the family line. He is enamoured with guiding foreigners through the city due to a great love both for Irish culture and history and for people of different cultures coming to our island and leaving a bit of their own, but is mostly qualified for the job on the basis that he is so tall you cannot lose him. Outside of tour guiding Patrick is studying theatre in Dublin, and works as an accent coach teaching people to speak like the Queen. On the side he has a great love for languages, travel, tango, and spanish guitar (though he sometimes listens to Lana del Rey - don’t tell anyone!). One day he will learn horseback archery and maybe fulfil his childhood dream of being a stuntman.

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