I am born and raised in Denmark. I am originally from the west coast of Jutland, but I moved to Copenhagen a year ago to study and be a part of the exciting big city life. I study humanities at the University of Roskilde, and I have always had jobs where I have been in contact with and met new people, because it is a big part of me to socialize with people in my everyday life. I have traveled a lot all my life both with family and friends, and some of my life’s best experiences have been made when I have been abroad. I am very curious when meeting people from other cultures, and I have always been fascinated when learning about other countries, people and ways to live. Since I have moved to Copenhagen I have been exploring the city every day looking for cosy places to eat, public events to attend and free concerts to go to, and as a student I always look for ways to have fun and enjoy the city in a budget friendly way. I enjoy biking around the city and explore streets and visit areas that I have not seen before.

Copenhagen feels like home to me even though I have lived most of my life in a small village in Jutland, and it is an important part of my life to live in a vibrant capital, and therefore I am also excited to tell other people about my culture and way to live in the city.

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