Kyle comes from Chicago, is a keen traveller, and loves Mark Twain. It was while she was searching for a new travel destination that she stumbled across the great Twain's description of Berlin as 'the Chicago of Europe' and she knew that glittering German city was the place for her. On route from the USA to Germany, she made a short, six year stopover in Glasgow, Scotland, picked up a degree in Criminology, acquired a taste for whisky and Irn Bru (never at the same time, she does have some standards), before carrying on toward Berlin. Her move to Germany is a decision that she has been thoroughly pleased with and she looks forward to many years in this wonderful city of art, culture and history, partaking in many tours, much beer drinking, and hopefully no Currywurst. She spends her days off trying to drink her body weight in coffee in the city's fantastic variety of cafes and wandering around aimlessly. She wishes you the best for your time in Berlin and hopes you enjoy the city as much as she has.

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