My name is Maciel Szplitt , I was born in Naklo, Poland, on 4 th of December 1982. I went to Inland waterway technical school and everything looked like I was going to be a sailor. Life wanted that I didn’t pass the exam to maritime university and in order to avoid military draft, was obligatory back then, I went to study German linguistic. After the 1 st semester I get a chance to go to Holland for season work to make same money so that I could pay my next semester but once I visited Amsterdam everything change .I felt that I found the place that I want to stay ,quit my studies and started my life there. As Poland wasn’t part of the EU yet it was difficult to find a legal job so in the first 3 years I did basically a little bit of everything .I must admit , that where the craziest years of my life as well as the happiest. I think that in that time I realised who I really am and that there is much more to see and to do than I could possibly imagine living in Poland .
I belive that living in a foreign country oblige a person to learn the language and culture in order to grow and so I did everything to learn Dutch as soon as possible .It allowed me to work with Dutch people in they own language as well as grow and develop professionally . I worked in social health care sector with homeless and drug addicted as a manager of a night shelter for DRB Group, 2 nd biggest in Amsterdam as well as bar manager at OT301 ,an independent cultural collective group. Living in Amsterdam allowed me to discover my love to work with people and that everything happens for a reason .
About 2 years ago I’ve met my Catalan girlfriend, Marta and about that time I also started to think if my work is what I want to do and amsterdam is where I want to live for the rest of my life? The answer was simply no! It didn’t take long and a chance for a change appeared with a job offer in Barcelona for my girlfriend. We decided to go for it ! We moved to Barcelona on 31.12.2015 and started our new life with new year.

I’m very happy here and super excited about everything Barcelona has to offer and the possibility to work with people as a tour guide is definitely it!

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