Andrés is an American from Santa Fe, New Mexico, but started living in Europe in 2009.  As a degree holding Human Ecologist, Andrés also worked as a professional musician in the USA, Ecuador and Brazil.  He started working as a guide with Sandemans in Prague in 2010, and is now living his dreams in Barcelona.  As a true travel lover, Andrés has lived in eight countries and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as some Czech.  Learning about Europe is what drives his passion for working as a guide, and he will give you everything he has on his tours so that you are educated, as well as entertained.  Driven to help people, working as a guide comes naturally to him, so don't be afraid to ask him questions or makes friends with him.  Be sure to have a memorable experience to take home with you after a tour with Andrés.

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