As much of the city remains closed, we are cancelling all tours in Barcelona today, Friday, August 18th.

If you’re able to join us on another day, your ticket will remain valid, but if not, please email [email protected] with your name, the tour you were scheduled to join, a photo of your ticket, and the bank or PayPal account you would like the money deposited into, so that we can process a full refund for you.

Please continue to follow the advice of local authorities.

If there are multi-lingual people who would like to help out at the hospital, please call +34 932 142 124.

Our thoughts today are with the families of those who lost their lives in yesterday’s horrific attack




Hailing from Athens and the beautiful island of Grete in Greece, Yiannis came to Spain after acquiring a Bachelor's degree in Preschool Education. Having grown up in a country with dense historical and cultural past as well as a turbulent present, history became one of his deep passions. Upon his arrival to Barcelona, was enchanted by the city's immense cultural and political history. Being a resident of the medieval old town of Barcelona himself he wanted to do more than just live within the city's historical landmarks. He decided to combine his experience as preschool teacher (a storyteller by occupation) with his passion for history and start telling the tales of Barcelona in his own unique way. In his tours apart from the historical information and legends one can get a glimpse of this city´s magic appeal,  a "local" youth's viewpoint on nightlife and of course the traps no new coming travelers should fall into.

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