My name is Michael and I was born in Germany. Some people get confused when they experience my passion, humor and spontaneity since I am supposed to be serious and strict as German native.  Well, I love life and I love to laugh.

I came to the Netherlands in 2004 and one Masters Degree in Psychology and one Bachelor Degree in Economics later I decided to move to Amsterdam about 4 years ago.  I have also lived a year in South America and a year in the US before realizing that Europe and especially Amsterdam is simply the best place to be. Amsterdam is an amazing city with tolerant, open-minded and beautiful people. It has a multicultural society with a great variety of good food and a lot of art. You can feel the rich and eminent history when you walk in the streets and there are so many interesting stories about this city. I am looking forward to share these stories with you and to show you around.

Besides storytelling and learning languages I love cabaret and playing theater. I regularly host cultural events and during the night you will probably find me on some stage in the underground world of performance arts.

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