Morgan grew up in the conservative state of Louisiana and attended Catholic school, where she was about as cool as a clip-on man bun. She played the clarinet for many years, as well as soccer, the latter of the two thankfully elevating her social status to “average.” While completing her degree in physical therapy, Morgan developed a $60 a week (Diet) coke habit and briefly moved to the misfit capital of the southern US: Austin, Texas.

Following her dream to travel the world, she journeyed to South Korea to teach English to 200 students. Though she thoroughly enjoyed blowing half of her paycheck on karaoke, Morgan fit into Korea’s workaholic culture the way Donald Trump might fit in at an Amnesty International conference. Thus, after a year of teaching, she went on to travel through 8 other Asian countries and loved every second of it.

Eager to explore Europe, Morgan booked a one-way ticket to Amsterdam over 3 years ago, where she now feels happier and more at home than ever before. Having spent much of the last 12 years at jobs that reminded her of Azkaban, Morgan feels incredibly lucky to call the streets of her favorite city her “office” today, and she is officially one of those annoying people who love their jobs! When not giving tours or writing about herself in the third person, Morgan spends most of her time travelling, Skyping her amazing family back in Louisiana, and exploring Amsterdam’s innumerable restaurants, bars, and festivals. She would love to show you everything that this beautiful city has to offer, through the lens of a Dutchified expat.

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