Bas was born under the smoke of the Heineken factory in the capital city. Unfortunately for him, life wanted him to grow up in remote Friesland, where he spent most of his teenage years staring at the dairy cows and the flat green fields from his school window. Here his natural longing for the things beyond the horizon flourished. The search for the beyond earned him a Philosophy and Anthropology degree, but the real goal (of becoming Indiana Jones) had not been accomplished yet. Some journeys later, after spending time with Latin America’s gardeners, and working in the happiest country in the Himalaya for a while, he realized it is enough just to make the world a more beautiful and caring place. And you don’t have to go far to do that. He still wants to establish a Gross National Happiness Centre in Holland. And in the meanwhile, Bas extremely enjoys to travel history and story tell about his native city.

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